How to Get Shy Children Involved at a Youth Summer Camp

How to get shy children excited about attending youth summer camps.

Summer camp in New York is something that many kids look forward to every single year. They can’t wait to engage with children their age, play sports, take part in numerous activities, get a chance to swim in the summer camp pool, and basically have tons of fun!

Not all children are outgoing and ready to jump into various activities with kids they don’t know, however. Every year, our kids camp in Staten Island hosts shy children who must adjust to the new environment before they can have fun. If your child is a bit on the shy side, here are a few things that you can do to make them more comfortable with summer camps:

Prepare with Smaller Trips Away from Home

If your child isn’t accustomed to being away from home for an extended period, then sending them to a summer camp may be a little stressful at first. You can help your kids prepare for this by sending them on smaller trips away from home first. Perhaps they can stay at a relative’s house for a weekend or have an overnight with a friend.

Always Talk Positively About Youth Summer Camps

There are plenty of positive things to say about summer camp activities and the overall experience, so be sure to relay that info to your child every chance you get. The key here is to turn the focus from being away from home to what they’ll experience during their time there. This is also a great opportunity to talk about your own adventures away from home and at camp during your youth.

Don’t Trivialize Your Child’s Concerns

The last thing you want to do is make your child feel as if his or her feelings are incorrect or nonsensical. Telling them to get over it or suck it up will do absolutely nothing to quell their fears and will more likely create a greater feeling of anxiety. Instead, let them know that their feelings are valid, and they are felt by other children who attend youth summer camps.

Dive into a Youth Summer Camp Movie Binge

Entertainment is a great way to teach your kids valuable lessons, so why not turn to summer camp movies to get them hyped up? Two all-time favorites that take place at a summer camp for kids include The Parent Trap and Heavyweights, which will give them a good idea of the camp experience. You can also have them watch great teamwork movies such as The Sandlot and The Mighty Ducks.

Go with a Friend

Kids who are shy do a lot better when they have someone to talk to who they already know. Sending them along with a relative who is close to their age is a wonderful idea but sending them with a close friend is even better. This will result in them opening more and being more willing to partake in summer programs for kids because they have someone to relate to during the experience.

Pack a Few Solo Activities in Their Bag

There are times when your shy child will want to do their own thing to decompress if they start feeling stressed out. Send along a few solo activities that they can work on from time to time, which will allow them to regroup mentally and emotionally. Try to avoid electronic games, however, because we’re guessing they get more than enough of that in their daily lives.

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