5 Fun Indoor & Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Activities for Children During Winter Vacation

The winter season can be plagued by harsh weather consisting of blizzards, frozen rain, and feet upon feet of snow that shuts down roads, business operations, and schools and that’s when you need to have an arsenal of indoor options. Keeping a list of indoor and outdoor activities during winter is your best bet for avoiding Netflix, Minecraft, and Fortnite marathons for your children. Kids these days can become glued to phones, TV and computer screens, which can be a parent’s biggest dread on how to occupy them with more beneficial activities.

If you live in Staten Island, New York, and the surrounding areas, here are some winter activities for kids to enjoy for both indoor days and outdoor adventures!

1. Consider Ice Skating

The cold weather comes with a gift of beautiful ice to skate on. Dress your kids warmly and head out for the local ice skating rink. It’s not only a different and seasonal option for the family, but it also exercises the body and energizes your children, unlike sitting on the couch watching TV shows or playing video games.

Parents worry over their kids having too much screen time and mixing up the weekend plans is a great way to guide them away from their normal routine.

2. Go on a Weekend Trip

Staying in the house for long gets boring with time, especially during the long winter days. Planning a weekend getaway is a great way to eliminate boredom over winter vacation. Find a wonderful destination for your family, pack up, and hit the road!

There are a bunch of family-friendly facilities offering exciting winter activities for kids where you can engage in snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing, and ice-skating. They offer children a chance to learn a new skill, enhance confidence, and build a healthy, competitive spirit while you get to relax!

3. Visit the Museum

When your kids are not in the mood for physical activity, New York has plenty of museums to visit and learn cool, educational facts and history about. For example, take them to Staten Island Children’s Museum or CMOM. When they’ve had enough viewing, take them out for a hot chocolate to replenish their energies and keep them warm.

4. Go to the Theater for a Show

Besides museums, the theater is another place to go that is not as involving or fast-paced as ice-skating or snowboarding. Sit down with your family and have a good time watching a great show, either at a local place or on Broadway. Laugh the winter away during comedies, thrill your kids by taking them to a magic show or bring out their singing and dancing spirit with a musical!.

5. Take a Cooking Class

If you have teenagers who like cooking or need some encouragement to learn important skills, sign them up for a cooking class to keep them busy this winter. For younger kids, you can accompany them and learn to cook together. This way, you get to bond more with your precious little ones and create more memories before they grow up.

Now, when winter melts into spring and the end of the school year approaches, winter activities for kids is not what you’ll be searching for to fill in the time. Summer camps are a wonderful place for parents to enroll their children in. They get to engage in diverse summer camp activities that enhance their growth physically, mentally, and socially.

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