Teaching Children to Swim at Home: 7 Tips to Follow

Teach your children to swim with these helpful tips.

Summer camp in Staten Island involves dozens of different activities throughout a child’s stay. These involve outside activities, indoor activities, sports, and swimming in the summer camp pool with their peers.

Even though kids can partake in plenty of summer camp activities without knowing how to swim, it’s always best when they already know how. Teaching children to swim takes time, but we’re going to give you a few simple tips that should make the process easier for you.

Start with the Bathtub

Believe it or not, swimming lessons for kids will often work best when you start in the bathroom. This is where you can get them comfortable with having water in their face and even allow them to submerge in the bathtub. The goal here is to show them that water is to be respected but not feared. This will typically result in a smoother transition from the tub to the pool.

Show Them Patience

Most kids love to get into the water, but many of them can get very frustrated when they’re not picking up on an activity. A big part of teaching children to swim is about showing them patience and understanding through every step of the process. If your child appears to be a slow learner with swimming, make sure that you show continuous encouragement and celebrate even the smallest milestones.

Don’t Push Them

Teaching children to swim can be especially difficult when the child simply doesn’t want to learn. If they’re having a lot of difficulty, one trick you can pull this to take them to a relative’s or friend’s house for a swimming party and supervise them around the pool. There’s a very good chance that they’ll want to learn once they see other kids having so much fun.

Ditch “Sink or Swim”

Regardless of how your grandfather or great-grandfather might have taught his kids to swim, throwing a child into a swimming pool is an absolutely terrible idea. This type of action is frightening for a child, to say the least, and will often have the opposite effect. Instead of learning how to swim, it is more likely to make them terrified of the water. Practically any tactic is going to work better than this ever will.

Teach Basic Safety

Even though places like a kids camp in Staten Island will have trained professionals to keep children safe, this doesn’t disavow you of your responsibility to teach basic safety. Make them understand not to horse around in the water or run around the edge of the pool. You should also instruct them how to float properly in case they begin to get weary and how to properly signal others that they’re in distress.

Always Supervise

It goes without saying that supervision is vital when teaching your child to swim, but we’re going to say it anyway. Even after your son or daughter begins to show progress in their skills, don’t leave them alone for a second. This includes moments when they’re out of the water, but still by the pool. If you leave the area, they may think to get back in the pool so you’ll be impressed once you return.

Consider a Professional

If you’re having difficulty teaching children to swim on your own, then you may want to consider the use of a professional instructor who can visit your home. There are also summer programs for kids that you can sign them up for. If you decide to have a person come to your home, be sure that they provide you with proper certification, including recent CPR training.

Staten Island Day Camp Provides Swim Instruction, Too!

Swimming lessons for kids are a great way to instill them with confidence, not to mention giving them access to a fun activity. To find out about our difference in how we ensure both the enjoyment and safety of your children throughout their stay with us, call the Staten Island Day Camp staff at (800) 301-2267.