Summer Swimming: Why Learning to Swim with Others will Benefit Your Children

How do summer swimming lessons boost your children’s confidence?

When a child learns how to swim, is can bolster their confidence. Although private instruction used to be the preferred method of learning how to swim, it’s been discovered that being taught in a group is a much more beneficial form of learning.

Here are just a few benefits that your child will enjoy by taking part in summer swimming instruction with others at a summer camp in New York:

Makes Children More Comfortable

Summer swimming lessons one-on-one with an adult can be a bit daunting for children, to say the least. Many kids are not only nervous about learning but are often embarrassed they don’t already know how to swim. By putting kids in a group of others who are learning at the same time, they will feel more comfortable with receiving instruction and making strides to becoming a superior swimmer.

Holds Their Attention Better

When kids are given one-on-one swimming instruction, they will often become distracted by anything else going on around them. While they may get distracted by other children around them, they will basically feed off of the ones who are paying attention. They won’t want to be left behind, so they will typically be more receptive do you want the summer swimming instructor is telling them. They may even make a few new friends during the lessons.

Promote Swimming Safety

A big part of learning to swim is how to do so safely. This includes not only the way that a child conducts himself or herself inside the pool but also outside of the pool where the deck will be wet and dangerous to run on. When these kinds of safety instructions are taught to an entire group, it allows each member of that group to police each other. Most kids don’t want any negative attention from either an adult or another child, so this helps them exercise good behavior and proper safety at all times.

Teaches Proper Teamwork

As children develop, it becomes vitally important they learn how to work with others as a team. Even though swimming lessons taken at a kid’s camp in Staten Island may seem like an individual task, the truth is that the entire group will be working together to achieve a common goal. Just like learning a sport or other skills, children will learn teamwork as they advance from one part of the lesson to the next. Very often, those that are struggling a bit will be helped by those that are catching on faster.

Improve Kids’ Confidence

It’s obvious that children need to be instilled with confidence whenever possible, and learning how to swim is definitely a way to make them feel better about themselves. Taking summer swimming lessons with other kids at a Staten Island summer camp will allow children to learn from the instructor and from each other. As they move up from one lesson to the next, they will become more and more confident in their swimming capabilities, which means they’ll be comfortable visiting friends and family where swimming is involved.

Achieves a Great Workout

Swimming is one of the best workouts for both children and adults. Swimming uses multiple muscle groups, improves cardiovascular health, and burns calories. The health of young children has become an especially important issue in recent years because the frequency of childhood obesity has increased across the nation, sometimes to frightening levels. Since learning to swim as a group in a summer camp pool will teach them a skill that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, this is a great way for parents to promote good overall health.

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