Summer Day Camps for Kids Help Create Fond Memories

Summer day camps for kids provide fantastic experiences children carry throughout their entire lives!

If you’re waiting to find out how summer camp in Staten Island will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re certainly not alone. Many parents and children are looking forward to the many types of activities and experiences that summer day camps for kids bring every year.

Parts of the country are beginning to reopen, which means that enjoying summer camp activities in 2020 is still a real possibility. To illustrate the excitement that people feel every year, let’s take a look at a few ways that summer programs for kids help create fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Lasting Friendships

It’s important for children to meet a wide variety of peers so that they can expand their horizons and learn about different cultures and places. Summer day camps for kids are always filled with participants who come from other parts of the state, nearby areas of the country, or even from other nations. This helps children open up to new possibilities and ideas. And in a lot of cases, this will result in lasting friendships amongst many of the attending children.

Learn New Sports

It’s no secret that several sports are included in the long list of summer camp activities that children are invited to try. This is not only a great way for them to get to know other kids, but they can learn a new skill and get plenty of exercise. If your child doesn’t have a lot of experience with sports like football, baseball, softball, soccer, and a few others, then this is the perfect opportunity. You may even see your kid return from camp wanting to sign up for a sport through their school.

Teamwork Opportunities

It is essential that children learn how to work as a team in order to accomplish goals and enjoy activities. Summer day camps for kids make a huge effort to emphasize the importance of teamwork. This helps them identify leadership roles, gain confidence when working with others, and concentrate on how they can successfully fit in with a group of their peers. The memories of working with others will carry over to their home life, as will the skills that they learn.

Exciting Outdoor Activities

Although some summer camp activities take place indoors, a huge focus is put on being outdoors to enjoy the weather and wilderness. Much of what children typically find at summer camp that excites them the most is the outdoor environment that they’ve seen on YouTube but have rarely, if ever, experienced firsthand. This will often give them a newfound respect and wonder for the outside world beyond their computer screens and phones.

Free Swimming Lessons!

Swimming is always an exciting event at summer day camps for kids, but many children attend who don’t know how to swim. The camp counselors, all of whom are certified in CPR, will provide swimming lessons at the summer camp pool if the parent and child agree. They will be taught proper technique and pool safety, learning a skill that they can take back home with them. This enables them to not only make fond memories at the camp itself, but throughout the rest of their lives.

Wonderful Role Models

Children of all ages have always looked up to camp counselors for guidance and support. Counselors have been well-trained in nurturing children and seeing to their needs, often enabling them to create a trusting bond with the kids. Summer day camps for kids promote the idea of each counselor being a role model for children, which makes the experience extra special.

Staten Island Day Camp Will Help Create Fond Memories

As you can see, summer day camps for kids create fond memories that will last a lifetime. Staten Island Day Camp can help make that happen. Our difference in the way we organize activities, get the children involved, and make them feel welcome is celebrated by many parents every year. To learn more, call (800) 301-2267 to enroll your children today.