Summer Camps for Kids: Values Your Children Will Learn at Summer Camp

Summer camps for kids should teach values that last a lifetime.

Even though we may not hear about summer camps for kids as we had in the past, they continue to be an extremely popular activity for children all across the country. And with this age of technology that we’re living in, where more and more children are routinely staring at a variety of screens at both school and home instead of spending time outside, these camps are now more important than ever.

While most people think about the exciting activities that summer programs for kids provide, it is often the values they teach that are what truly make the experience special. Today, we’d like to discuss some of the values that you can expect to be instilled in your children when you sign them up for kids camp in Staten Island.


Summer camps for kids are full of activities that are intended to build character. Many of these activities succeed in taking a shy or reserved child and instilling them with more confidence as they make their way through various goals. And if your child already exhibits confidence, then he or she may just prove to be a force to be reckoned with through several summer camp activities that will be made available to them.

Taking Responsibility

Every generation of kids has a slight problem in taking responsibility for their own actions. One of the core values of every summer camp is to assist children with the importance of taking responsibility for everything that they do on a regular basis, whether it’s completing a chore or not lying to their parents to escape punishment. When instructed properly, this will stick with them far into adulthood.

Respect for Nature

In recent years, it seems that so many kids are spending their days indoors, many have forgotten the importance of nature. Summer camps for kids are able to take today’s youth and help them appreciate and respect the power and wonder of nature all around them. They will engage in a variety of outdoor activities and learn about the planet they live on through real-world experience.

Sense of Teamwork

All children feel isolated and alone at various times throughout their childhood and it’s important that they’re able to interact with others. A big focus of summer camp is to provide activities and opportunities that focus on the need to work as a team to accomplish their intended goals. By working toward a common goal, kids will learn the most effective ways to work together and deal with opposing opinions or strategies.

Personal Growth

While it may seem to the outside world that summer camp is nothing but playtime, this is absolutely not true. Summer camps for kids are focused on providing a variety of tools and skills that are necessary to learn about themselves, what they are capable of, and how to find success with others. When this is accomplished, these children will become more adjusted to dealing with the daily requirements of school, chores, work, and the world in general.

Nature over Technology

Don’t get us wrong – technology is a great thing in many aspects of life. But, a lot of today’s kids don’t seem to appreciate the joys of going outside and playing in nature. Summer camps for kids take these children away from their constant need to stare at a screen, check their Facebook account, or search through Instagram and replace those things with real-world experiences that the virtual world simply cannot match.

Staten Island Day Camp

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