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How Summer Camp Benefits Your Child’s Emotional Development

What are some of the benefits of sending your children to summer camp!

When people think of summer camp in Staten Island, they most likely envision tons of kids running around having fun by playing outdoor sports, swimming in the summer camp pool, making arts and crafts, and other activities. What they don’t realize is that summer camp benefits a child’s emotional state, too. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways in which your child will develop internally thanks to the experience of attending camp.

Increase Self-Confidence

Everyone needs a boost of self-confidence from time to time, but this is especially important for children as they mature and age. Millions of kids across the country suffer from low self-esteem and low self-confidence, which makes social interactions and academic success more difficult. Summer camp for kids includes a wide variety of activities that are focused on providing its youngsters with the ability to believe in themselves.

Social Awareness

Despite heavy internet usage, it’s easy for children to be limited in their own understanding of how society functions and the people contained within it. Summer programs for kids give them access to other cultures and backgrounds while providing them with the knowledge of empathy, attunement to others, and interaction with individuals and groups. What they learn at camp about this social awareness will stay with them throughout their entire lives.

Importance of Teamwork

It’s a simple fact that human beings must learn to work together on a regular basis so that we’re able to achieve our goals. As you’re no doubt aware, many summer camp activities use teamwork in one way or another. By interacting with others and completing tasks as part of a team, children will become more productive and feel better about sharing responsibilities in the “real world.”

Teaches About Resiliency

Life is full of setbacks and it’s important that children be taught how to push forward regardless of difficulty or hardship. Of all the summer camp benefits, this one can often be the most productive as it gives them what many refer to as “grit.” This toughens them up so that they can overcome challenges in the future without always relying on others, such as their parents, for strength.

Unplug from Technology

Today’s kids were born into a technological age that adults could never have dreamed of when we were younger. Much of their day is spent staring at screens, chatting online, posting pictures and comments, and similar activities. Although this can be used in a beneficial way, especially when it comes to social interaction, it’s important that they unplug and experience face-to-face communication whenever possible. A kid’s camp in Staten Island will provide exactly that.

Promotes Independence

Every parent wants to have independent children, but many kids have difficulty separating themselves from their reliance on parents. Although it’s important your children know that you’ll always be there for them, it’s equally important that they’re able to tackle challenges on their own and not rely on you for every little thing that occurs. While camp counselors are always around to assist them, they promote independence at all times.

Learn from Great Role Models

Speaking of camp counselors, the truth is that all of the summer camp benefits in the world wouldn’t be possible without these carefully chosen individuals. Counselors are hand-selected and trained to act as positive role models for the children who attend summer camp. They are often much closer in age to the kids than their parents (sorry moms and dads, but it’s true), which helps them feel more comfortable when interacting with them.

Staten Island Day Camp Will Benefit Your Child’s Emotional Development

Staten Island Day Camp provides wonderful summer camp benefits thanks to our difference in the way that our counselors interact with the kids, in addition to the large number of activities available. If you’d like to learn more about our program or sign up today, call our team at 908-770-5506.