Children Summer Camp: Activities for Your Children to Look Forward To

Summer activities your children can experience at home and at summer camp!

Every year, parents across the state of New York send their children to kids camps for fun in the sun. Camps offer many enjoyable activities, along the opportunity to interact with other children. This is a growing and educational experience children look forward to as the summer approaches.

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re not exactly sure what children summer camp might look like for 2020. The summer season will still bring exciting opportunities with it. Here are a few of the many activities your kids can look forward to this summer.

Outdoor Sports

Being part of outdoor sports has always helped children build character, get exercise, learn leadership skills, and engage with a team. That’s why a children’s summer camp usually features several sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, and more. Restrictions in many areas are beginning to lighten up a bit. This means playing outdoor sports is still a possibility, even if camps are still closed.

Bike Riding

Although riding bikes isn’t as popular as it used to be in past, this is still a fantastic way for your children to get outdoors, get some fresh air, and have fun. This is also an activity that can be enjoyed alone or with a small group of friends. While certain rules may be enforced in some areas, such as wearing bike masks or helmets when they ride, biking gives your kids a great reason to go outside!

Reading Programs

In past years, it would’ve been almost impossible to find a place without a summer youth program that involved reading. This was a fantastic way for kids to not only have fun, but also served as a great educational tool. Now, your children can be safe at home while reading books through an online program. Many online programs hold discussions, so children can talk about what they read.

Swimming Lessons

Our summer camp pool is one of the most popular places for kids each year. Learning to swim offers exceptional benefits for childhood development. These include building confidence, working well with others, and exercise! If camp isn’t a possibility in 2020 and your child hasn’t learned how to swim, now is the perfect opportunity to either give them lessons yourself or hire a professional for the job.

Music and Dance

There probably isn’t a child on the planet who doesn’t light up with the idea of music and dance. In fact, it has been well-established that music can improve the learning process while dance is a great way for kids to have fun and get some exercise. There are plenty of online summer programs for kids involving both, so take advantage of them now!

Online Games

Although your kids beg you for longer Fortnite sessions, the truth is that games like that can help build teamwork skills while improving eye and hand coordination. Other video games allow children to be creative by designing a wide variety of landscapes, structures, and pretty much anything you can imagine. This is beneficial for cognitive and creative development.

Arts and Crafts

There is no shortage of options when it comes to arts and crafts. Although today’s kids are often more accustomed to creating things in a virtual sense, once they start seeing what the end product is going to be, most children will get excited about it. Plus, it’s a physical object they can put in their room instead of relying on a computer screen to access it.

Staten Island Day Camp Features Children Summer Camp Activities

Finding a children’s summer camp in Staten Island that your kids will love is easy for our team. At Staten Island Day Camp, your children will experience our difference in the way we approach education, safety, and fun. To learn more about our children summer camp activities and programs for kids, call (800) 301-2267 to enroll your children today!