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Nothing beats the feeling of diving into a cold, clean pool on a hot summer day. Swimming helps you stay cool, provides an excellent source of exercise, and is just all-around good fun! That’s why pools are one of the best summer camp activities.

Not convinced? Here are just a few great summer activities your children will have a blast with when they head off to summer camp!


What child doesn’t want to swim in the middle of summer? Breaking out the swim tubes, floaties, snorkels, and swim goggles is practically a ritual for children getting ready for summer break. That’s why some of a summer camp’s most prominent activities should always involve the water! Swimming in an indoor pool allows the same relief from the summer sun, without the risk of painful sunburn or letting a passing thunderstorm ruin the fun of splashing around.

Swimming Lessons

Everyone should know how to swim. Swimming provides a wonderful option for summer activities, especially in the hotter months. Even for those of us who aren’t in love with the water, knowing how to swim can be the difference between life and death if ever you’re in a situation where you’re caught in the water.

Whether your child is just getting the hang of swimming or is learning to swim for the very first time, our America Red Cross-certified swim instructors will be there to guide them from start to finish. More importantly, our summer camp pool and poolside summer activities will ensure that they have a ton of fun while they are learning! With certified instructors and 7 lifeguards on-duty, summer camp is one of the best ways to get your child feeling safe and at ease in the water!

Exciting Indoor and Outdoor Summer Activities

Is your child just not a water-loving sort? That’s completely okay! Not everyone wants to jump into the first body of water they see, and we understand that. That’s why most summer camps for kids offer a huge selection of activities – not just pool time. No matter what your child’s interests, we’ve got them covered!

If your son or daughter has too much energy to spare and just loves sports, get them signed up for a summer camp! Most camps have plenty of sports-related summer activities! Baseball, soccer, softball, basketball, you name it, odds are good that there’ll be kids playing it.

If your child is more into arts and crafts, including dance, photography, drawing and painting, magic shows, and the like, our camp can accommodate their desires. Providing entertainment for children in a safe, controlled environment is the number-one goal of any good summer camp.

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