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Summer Camp Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool

Our camp is home to an indoor,  Olympic sized swimming pool used Monday through Thursday. This state of the art pool is housed within our 61,000 sq. ft, fully air-conditioned facility.

The pool is completely weather-proof, meaning your children will be able to enjoy swimming and water activities even if the weather outside is too hot or wet.

We have 7 lifeguards and specifically trained water safety instructors certified by the American Red Cross on staff to ensure your children are safe in our pool.

Indoor Pool at Staten Island Day Camp

Staten Island Day Camp is one of the top summer camps in the area. Our camp has an indoor swimming pool that is fantastic for children between the ages of 4 -13 years old.

Our extraordinary pool will create unforgettable memories as your child learns to swim, builds confidence, and enjoys the best pool activities. Our camp is the only camp on Staten Island that offers an on site swimming pool.

Swimming activities are always a favorite activity. We prioritize in creating a safe and fun swimming pool experience for all ages. Our swimming pool is housed in our 61,000 sp. ft. air-conditioned facility and is the perfect place for campers to cool down during the hot summer months.

The indoor swimming pool allows campers to swim without being limited by the weather!

Free Swimming Lessons

At Staten Island Day Camp, swimming lessons are free and divided by age group. Our swim instructors are certified by the America Red Cross. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun-filled environment for children to learn to swim and play in the pool. We have 7 lifeguards always on duty, as safety is always a top priority at our camp.

We understand the important role of summer camp in a young child’s life. Our summer camp can help them create friendships that will last a lifetime. Staten Island Day Camp has provided an unforgettable summer camp experience for children of all ages for over 41 years. Your child will learn valuable life skills, while also fostering the development of social skills in a fun and exciting environment.

Special discounts are also available for first responders, active military members, and CSI employees.

If you wish to learn additional information regarding our indoor summer camp pool, contact us today for more information!