Kids Camp in Staten Island

Staten Island Day Camp; the Kids Camp with a Difference

Staten Island Day Camp, is one of the most popular kids camps in New York, serving children between the ages of 4 and 13. We have a number of fun summer camp activities to keep your children busy and occupied throughout the day. However, it is not only about entertainment. The summer programs we offer for kids are also designed to bring out the best in children and learn a new skill or two at the same time. One of the major attractions this year is the reopening of our indoor swimming pool.

Indoor Swimming Pool and Swimming Lessons

Children love swimming and being in the water. Water-based activities have always been a popular pastime for kids. Staten Island Day Camp knows this as well and has made the swimming pool accessible for all kids aged between 4 and 13! In fact, in the New York area, this kids camp is one of the few that offers swimming pool facilities. The best part is that the pool is located inside a 61,000 sq/ft air-conditioned facility! Parents who may be concerned regarding children’s safety will be happy to know that children will be under the constant, watchful eye of our trained staff members and lifeguards.

Sure, the summer camp pool can be a lot of fun for children, but the primary reason behind the opening of the pool is for swimming lessons. The swimming lessons are free and are open to all the kids who attend the camp. The lessons are divided according to different age groups. Our swim instructors and lifeguards are trained and certified by the American Red Cross.

Don’t Forget About the Great Outdoors

Having an indoor swimming pool may be great for a kid’s camp, but there are other great resources offered by Staten Island Day Camp. This kids camp sits on a 63-acre plot, filled with courts and playing fields. Sports such as baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, etc. can be played by all the children. All sports activities are run by our staff members, to ensure a fair, fun-filled time for all the children.

The Elective Programs

Elective programs are kids camp activities that happen twice a week at a preset time for different age groups. The electives include both, indoor as well as outdoor activities. The programs are flag football, arts & crafts, dance, baseball, basketball, softball, and soccer. The electives do not cost anything extra and come as part of the whole kid’s camp package.

Lifelong Memories

After running a summer camp for nearly 40 years, Staten Island Day Camp brings a lot of experience and knowledge to ensure your kids have a fun, safe time. All staff members are CPR/RTE certified. Children leave the camp with many pleasant memories that last a lifetime. Since summer is already upon us, seats fill fast at this kids camp.

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