Why Our Indoor Swimming Pool is Perfect for Your Children

Learn more about the indoor swimming pool at Staten Island Day Camp!

One of our most beloved features and most often enjoyed summer camp activities at Staten Island Day Camp is our indoor summer camp Pool. Want to know why our pool is perfect for your kids and is one of many reasons that we are one of the most successful and well-regarded Summer Camp for kids in the Staten Island area? Read on and let us clue you in on the advantages of our indoor swimming pool.

We Feature an Air Conditioned Indoor Swimming Pool

There’s something to be said for fun in the sun to be sure, but there’s also plenty to be said about rainy days and excessive heat ruining a good time during the summer. Our indoor swimming pool is housed in a 61,000 square foot complex where it can stay temperature-controlled and completely unimpeded by the weather forecast. This means no canceled pool time plans, in addition to a welcome layer of consistency to our fun swimming program.

Not only that, but you won’t need to be stressed or concerned about your kids coming home with sunburns or summer colds!

We Offer Free Swimming Lessons at Our Indoor Swimming Pool

Pool time in our indoor swimming pool isn’t just a chance to swim free-for-all—though the kids will certainly have a chance to cut loose! Our swim program includes small group and one-on-one instruction with qualified swim trainers and counselors. This means that in addition to having some fun at the pool, your children will have the opportunity to learn swimming skills and safety. All swim instructors are certified by the America Red Cross.

Swim Time is Grouped by Ages

Though some measure of mingling is great between different age groups, there are also concerns to be had. Our swim programs are carefully grouped by age, and each group is allocated time to play in the pool and take advantage of swimming instruction during a dedicated timespan. This ensures that all kids can enjoy a fun time without worrying about matching pace with older children.

Safety is Our Number One Concern

Enjoying a pool is one of the quintessential experiences of summer camp. But there’s absolutely no denying that pools can present risks if safety isn’t accounted for. Our indoor swimming pool has a minimum of seven lifeguards on duty at all times, each trained in pool safety and first aid. We want pool time to be fun and memorable, and we take the safety of your children extremely seriously.

In short, our indoor swimming pool is a fun and fantastic part of our extensive summer camp program. We’re proud to offer our kids a chance to learn, to have a good time, and to grow and develop further under safe and proper instruction and guidance.

Summer Fun and an Indoor Swimming Pool in Staten Island, NY

For over four decades Staten Island Day Camp has been happily serving families by providing a fun, engaging, and safe environment for your children to grow, learn, and play within. Whether you’re ready to hop into learning more about our indoor swimming pool and programs, or you’re looking to enroll your kids, just give us a call! We welcome age groups between 4 and 13, and our programs are well-suited to meeting the individual needs of each child.

Call 800.301.2267 to find out more, or to reserve a spot for your children at Staten Island Day Camp!