Health Tips for Children Going to Summer Camp

Health tips to keep your children healthy at summer camp.

Summer camp is a wonderful experience that builds character, instills children with confidence, teaches new skills, and provides other benefits. Even in this world of high-definition televisions and iPhones, summer camp activities continue to delight children of all ages.

When we send our children to a kid’s camp in Staten Island, we want to make sure that they’re healthy when they leave and healthy when they return.

Here are some quick health tips for children that will help make sure that happens:

Get a Full Checkup Before Camp

You certainly don’t want to send your kids to summer camp if they’re already sick, so take the time to get them checked out before they leave. If your child is the kind that hates going to the doctor, this is probably one time when they won’t fight you too much on it since they don’t want to stay home all summer. This preventative measure will help your children and the others at the camp.

Always Keep Up on Vaccinations

It’s important for people in charge of a summer camp to help maintain a healthy environment whenever possible. Therefore, they require documentation to show that each child has been properly vaccinated. If your son or daughter isn’t up on their immunization record, now’s the time to get it done. Summer camps are strict about this, so don’t think they’ll give you a pass.

Teach Proper Hand Washing

The easiest and most effective way for your child to stay healthy at summer camp or anywhere else is to learn proper hand-washing techniques. Before they leave, have them demonstrate this for you and gently correct them if they do it incorrectly. Basically, you need to emphasize using the right amount of soap and thoroughly covering and rubbing their hands before rinsing.

Demonstrate the Elbow Cough and Sneeze

Coughing and sneezing dispels numerous germs into the air, which can find their way to other children. While using their elbow instead of their hand isn’t perfect, it’s definitely a better technique. This will prevent other kids from getting sick, and your child can teach others the proper technique, so they don’t catch anything, either.

Give Your Child a Refillable Water Bottle

Sharing water bottles among kids at summer camp can quickly spread germs, so the best plan of action is to give them a refillable water bottle. Choose a design that will allow them to quickly identify it in case other kids bring their own water bottles, too. And it doesn’t hurt to put a label with their name on it.

Provide Them with Protective Gear

Being healthy isn’t just about not getting sick. It’s also about preventing injury. Summer programs for kids include a variety of sports, so it never hurts to send them along with protective eye wear and a mouth-guard. If your especially concerned, then check with the camp’s advisers to make sure that the kids are wearing protective gear during certain activities.

Contact Staten Island Day Camp for More Health Tips for Children

Staten Island Day Camp takes great pride in its focus on child health and safety, but we also love to have fun! Our difference can be seen in the way the counselors interact with the kids and the way the children respond to the incredible activities that we always have lined up for the season. If you’d like to learn more health tips for children or have any questions about our program, call us at (800) 301-2267 to learn more about our summer camp pool and our summer camp in Staten Island.