What Makes an Excellent Summer Camp?

What makes Staten Island Day Camp an excellent summer camp?

Summer Camps provide a rich and engaging experience for children and young adults alike, offering socialization, exercise, fun, learning opportunities, and much more. There are leagues of difference between a good summer camp and a sub-par camp. How can you tell the difference between a good camp and one that does not have your children’s best interests in mind?

Struggling to find the right summer camp activities or a Summer camp Pool nearby that you can count on? Follow along to learn what makes a good summer camp!

A Good Camp Will Cater to Individuals

Socializing is a big part of events like camp, and play an important role in healthy child development. However, a good camp can provide this, but will never focus solely on the group. Too many camps simply toss out event after event with no mind of the kids, and how they are responding. When you’re looking for a good summer camp, always look for one that specifies care for individuals, with or without unique needs.

A Good Camp Offers Plenty to Do

And advertises it well! If a camp is proud of its offerings and feels that what they can provide for your kids is important—which it is—then they will be happy to provide a lot of information about their camp activities. Learning-rich events, a summer swimming pool, and extensive programs. Some summer camps even offer elective summer camp programs and activities, allowing kids to customize their experience further for an optimally good time.

A Good Camp Places Safety First

Pools and parties are all well and good—you might even list them as quintessential. But these activities can be more worrisome than wholesome if the camp isn’t adequately prepared. If there’s a pool, there needs to be trained lifeguards present at all times. No matter how well-meaning a lifeguard can be, one person cannot have their eyes and attention everywhere at once.

A good summer camp understands that safety has to come first if fun is going to stay fun. First-aid, safety training, experienced councilors, full staff. These are all imperative.

A Good Summer Camp Has a Healthy Culture

When looking into your local Staten Island day camps or camps for kids, pay attention to the overall mood and culture of the camp. Take a tour and pay close attention to all of the employees, councilors, and leaders. If it feels more like you’re touring a retail store or a downtrodden corporate office than a summer camp, you aren’t looking at a good summer camp.

If the people you are entrusting your kids don’t look happy and act friendly and professional, they aren’t likely to instill any positive mood, emotions, or learning experiences onto your children.

Enjoy an Excellent Experience with Staten Island Day Camp!

When it comes to finding a good summer camp, we like to think we make it easy. Staten Island Day Camp has been offering the utmost in fun, safe adventure, and learning to local kids of all ages for decades. We place the needs of you and your kids above all else, and our slew of activities are second to none among summer camps in Staten Island, New York!

Reach out to Staten Island Day Camp online, or call 800.301.2267 to find out more. We also regularly offer open house events!