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Why It’s Important for Children to Make Friends at Summer Camp

Summer camp allows children to make life-long friends!

Ask anyone who’s gone to summer camp and they’ll tell you all about the activities they got to enjoy such as playing multiple sports, working on arts and crafts, and swimming in the summer camp pool. There’s also a very important element that goes along with all of these activities – making friends!

Everybody wants to make friends, but this is especially true for kids. Having close friends is pretty much the best thing that a child can do for themselves and others. Today, we’re going to look at why it’s important for kids to make friends at summer camp.

Social Belonging and Acceptance

Children may not be able to understand the concept of social isolation, but they definitely know when they feel lonely. Having camp friendships goes far beyond simply getting to know new kids by providing them with a sense of belonging and social acceptance. In fact, the best summer programs for kids are always the ones that concentrate heavily on making sure that each child feels welcomed and accepted throughout their stay.

Face-to-Face Communication

It’s obvious that we’re living in an electronic era where online communication, even at a very young age, have all but taken over. Children are conversing virtually through applications available on their computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. While any communication is great and online interaction allows kids to connect from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, the face-to-face communication achieved by making friends at a summer camp for kids provides a deeper and more meaningful experience each and every time.

Teaches About Teamwork

A big reason why kids often make friends at summer camp is because of the emphasis placed on teamwork. Many summer camp activities involve kids working together to achieve a goal, whether it’s being on the same team in sports or working on a craft project. Learning to work well with others and being part of a team is something that children will carry with them for the rest of their lives, enhancing their ability to communicate and function both personally and professionally.

Provides Diverse Interaction

There’s a lot to be said these days about the essential nature of diversity and how it improves our relationships and understanding of others. Camp friendships open children up to learning about different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. It’s amazing when you think about it. Kids get excited for summer camp because of the sports, swimming, and other activities that they’ll be able to enjoy, but the experience ends up making them a more well-rounded person without even realizing it.

Improves Conversation Skills

Communication has always been an important part of society, but today it seems even more essential. Many children struggle with learning proper conversation skills, which makes learning new information and having basic interactions more difficult. By making friends at summer camp, kids will have plenty of practice conversing with each other as they become involved in multiple activities. This will help them develop greater communication skills that they can bring back home with them.

Long-Lasting Relationships

Making friends at summer camp isn’t something that happens and is then forgotten as soon as your child gets back home. Children who attend camp often develop relationships that last a very long time, if not for their entire lives. Plus, even though face-to-face communication is typically better than online communication, today’s technology allows these friendships to continue more easily across large distances.

Staten Island Day Camp Helps Kids Make Friends at Summer Camp

If you’ve been searching for the best kid’s camp in Staten Island, look no further. Staten Island Day Camp will provide a safe and fun environment where your children can enjoy themselves and learn important life lessons and skills. To learn about our difference compared to other camps or summer programs and what makes us your child’s best summer camp option, give us a call at 908-770-5506.