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  • Where can I find Information on tuition?

    You can learn more about tuition information on our Enrollment Forms.
  • Are all activities, entertainment, transportation, extended hours included in the cost of camp?

    All of the items listed above are included in our tuition except for transportation. This is an optional cost that is separate from our initial cost.
  • Is lunch included in the tuition?

    There are two options available for lunches. CSI offers a catered lunch with seven different items Monday through Thursday and Pizza on Friday. This will incur a separate cost.

    You children are welcomed to bring a lunch (preferably in a brown bag). These lunches will be refrigerated in our commercial refrigerators.

  • If I send my child to camp with a lunch where is it kept?

    All lunches brought in by campers are transported to our refrigeration units in the Dining location before the start of camp.
  • What will happen if my child forgets his/her lunch?

    We will contact you as soon as we know. If you are unable to bring a lunch in we will provide something from the menu.
  • Are the buses air-conditioned?

    Yes, all our vehicles come with commercial grade air conditioning.
  • Do the vehicles provide door to door pick up and drop off?

    Yes, our vehicles will stop at your location unless the street prohibits this, which is rare.
  • Do campers ever leave the camp site for any reason?

    No, all camp activities are at our camp site.
  • If I enroll my child for less than a full camp program, may I extend his/her camp stay?

    Yes, in most cases by far camp stays may be extended.
  • Are children placed in groups according to their age?

    Campers are grouped by gender and age range starting at age seven. The junior camping group is grouped by age only.
  • Are all counselors adults?

    Yes, we only hire college-age counselors.
  • What are your ratios of counselors to campers?

    For our Early Childhood (4, 5, & 6-year-olds) we maintain a ratio of approximately 6:1. For 7 to 13 the ratio is approximately 9:1. All groups have a minimum of two counselors.
  • Is swim instruction included in the swim program?

    Yes, swim instruction is provided to all age groups by American Red Cross certified swim instructors. Instruction is broken into small groups for beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers. All campers are tested by our aquatics team. They decide which campers must wear a flotation device.
  • How are campers grouped for the swim periods?

    We have three swim periods. There are one for 4, 5, and 6-year-olds; a second for 7-9-year-olds and a third for 10-13-year-old campers. All counselors are required to be in the water assisting with instruction and water safety.
  • Is there a cost for extended hours?

    No, extended hours are included in the tuition. Extended hours begin at 7:00 A.M. and end at 5:30 P.M.


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