Day Camp in Staten Island: What Makes Us Special

Staten Island Day Camp has all the makings of a quality day camp: interesting and fun programs, supervised activity at all times, and affordable. It’s a summer program for kids, so how great is that? Even though it’s the third largest borough of New York City, Staten Island is the least populated with 12,300 acres of protected land.

Staten Island Day Camp is Beyond Exclusive…

We’re All-Inclusive

One of the most valuable lessons any day camper learns is how to interact respectfully with others. When campers come from culturally diverse families, the benefits last a lifetime! Your kids can learn communication skills and the value of teamwork. Campers at our day camp in Staten Island learn how to develop strategies with other campers to accomplish common goals. They develop confidence as their teams overcome obstacles and plan to succeed.

Making Memories at Day Camp in Staten Island, New York

Staten Island Day Camp is designed for campers ages 4-13, and programs are age-appropriate. Some of your best memories and lasting friendships likely occurred at day camp! And for more than 40 years, campers have been making memories at our summer camp for kids.

You can choose from many day camps in Staten Island for your kids this summer. However, what to look for in a day camp is camper-specific. What are your child’s interests? Strengths? Challenges? We want to know because we care.

  • All activities are onsite. Your children are supervised at all times at our day camp in Staten Island.
  • All counselors are 18+ ages.
  • Counselor College is available for select high school students.
  • Counselor-to-camper ratios are low.
  • Elective programs are taught by trained professionals.
  • Entertainment and theme-activities are carefully researched and developed. All costs are included with tuition.
  • Individualized and group swimming instruction is available in our state-of-the-art interior pool.
  • Indoor activities are held in our air-conditioned complex.
  • Monday-Thursday meals are nutritious and well-prepared. Pizza Fridays are the weekly treat and everybody loves pizza!
  • Our Leadership Team is experienced, care giving-oriented, and impressively credentialed.
  • Working parents can take advantage of Extended Hours beginning at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 5:30 p.m. There is no extra charge.

Our Promise to Parents…Your Camper is Safe in a Nurturing Environment

If you think swimming at our day camp in Staten Island is one of the most popular activities, you’re right. Most day camps can’t include swimming as part of their program because they can’t afford the necessary supervision. It is imperative every camper is under supervision at all times, in or near the water. Our day camp in Staten Island can make that promise to parents.

Elective Programs Can Make Dreams Come True

Specialty interests are what makes each one of us unique individuals in a world of conformity. That’s why we offer electives twice a week for each camper. Our day camp in Staten Island electives for 2019 include:

    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Crafts
    • Dance
    • Digital photography
    • Flag football
    • Glam
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Technology

Your Camper is What Makes Us Special!

Staten Island Day Camp offers a safe environment where campers can play and learn. Many parents welcome an opportunity for their kids to be outdoors and unplugged at a day camp in Staten Island, where summer camp activities incorporate various types of exercise.

Be sure to download our monthly calendar and necessary forms. Our weekly schedule is packed with activities. Also, we are pleased to offer nurses, first responders, CSI professionals, and active military with a 5% tuition discount.

We believe quality is the most important, and we think you’ll feel the same way at our day camp in Staten Island. Call 718.983.7942 or contact Staten Island Day Camp, Inc. to see our difference and what makes us special.