Children at Camp: Why Time Away from Technology is Beneficial for Your Children

How summer camp can get children away from technology for a while.

Technology takes up a good deal of time in a child’s life. Our culture has developed to the point where children as young as two years of age are starting to learn how to use smartphones, tablets, and even laptops and computers. While their usage is rudimentary in the beginning, it certainly doesn’t take long before the technology becomes second nature to them.

While understanding and using technology is beneficial, overexposure can have negative consequences on a child’s social development. One way to limit a child’s use of technology is to enroll them in a summer camp. Summer camps provide children a great opportunity to take a break from technology, so they can experience new activities with other children their age. This might get a little pushback from those who love to stare at a screen playing Minecraft and Fortnite all day, but the time spent at a summer camp for kids definitely has undeniable benefits.

Allows Face-to-Face Interaction

Sure, today’s kids have FaceTime, voice chat, Discord, and other electronic means they use to communicate with each other. However, this can sometimes hurt their face-to-face interaction skills. Summer programs allow them to interact with their peers and develop their social skills beyond “the screen.” These social interactions are important for their mental and emotional development. Plus, it’s a great way for them to create memories and friendships they will cherish for a lifetime.

Summer Camp Promotes Necessary Exercise

The time spent between children and technology primarily revolves around them sitting at a desk or on the couch staring forward at a screen for hours. This type of sedentary activity is not good for their long-term health. Summer camp activities will keep both their bodies and minds engaged in fun, physical interactions that will have their blood flowing. This will stimulate them in ways that staring at a screen simply cannot achieve.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Although the use of technology certainly has its benefits, certain interactions can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for children, not to mention overt aggression at times. This can often get out of hand for many parents and create problems at school and with other kids. The physical activities found at summer camp will help reduce these issues. They will also learn how to overcome obstacles and interact with others in a calm, reasonable manner, all while promoting teamwork and social development.

Improve Sleep Schedule

Staring at a screen for extended periods of time, whether watching a movie, playing a game or simply searching the internet, can have a detrimental effect on a child’s sleeping schedule. This can lead to listlessness, trouble concentrating at school, irritability, and even larger issues caused by sleep deprivation. By keeping each child’s mind and body engaged in a variety of activities, the camp provides a sort of reset of their body’s natural inclination to rest.

Learn About Nature

Today’s technology allows both adults and children to view pretty much anything they want at any given time. However, witnessing nature through the eyes of YouTube is a far cry from being up close and personal with it. Summer camp will give them the opportunity to learn about nature not only through sight but also through smell and touch. Believe it or not, but even today, this can have a profound effect on a child.

Sets an Important Precedent

Children learning about and using technology definitely has its benefits. However, there should be limits set so your child’s expectations are reasonable. Summer camp will introduce an important precedent by showing your children that they can have a ton of fun without constantly interacting with technology.

Separate Children and Technology at Staten Island Summer Camp

Children and technology are often inseparable, which is why Staten Island Summer Camp concentrates on team-building exercises, sports instruction, getting in tune with nature, swimming in the summer camp pool, and other fun activities that have nothing to do with staring at a screen all day. When you’re ready, enroll your kids camp in Staten Island Day Camp, visit our website or call our staff at 800.301.2267.