Camps for Kids: What to Look for When Enrolling Your Children in Camp

What are some factors to look for in camps for kids?

Day camps have numerous benefits, including teaching your children valuable life lessons, for instance, respecting nature as well as being physically active. Day camps for kids also help improve self-esteem and confidence. It also improves problem-solving skills and gives them a chance to innovatively solve problems that may arise.

Day Camps Help Build Self-esteem and Social Skills

Going to day camp exposes children to new activities and experiences that they are not familiar with. Even the quietest of kids are known to open up after a few days of day camp. Camps for kids are the perfect place to build their confidence since there are no likely hierarchies which are one of the leading causes of poor confidence growth. Camp teachers mainly work on helping kids grow their confidence.

Camps for Kids Provide Time to Unplug

A good old fashion outdoor activity is always good to keep in mind that kids active. In a world full of TVs and mobile phones, kids need some time outside to get fresh air and sun. When in camps, kids get to know their boundaries and attempt new things. It’s always advisable to leave smartphones and tablets at home. However, it does not mean that you disconnect everything while you enroll your children in camps for kids.

Other summer camp activities include swimming in summer pools and playing sports.

What are the factors to consider when enrolling your kids in a camp?

Finding the right camp for kids is a matter of fit. You need to take your kids to a place where they will thrive and feel safe.

There are several other things to look for when enrolling kids to a summer camp:

Are the camp programs entertaining or educational?

Summer camps for kids are meant to be more educational than the customary classroom. They are designed to give your kids the chance to experience activities that they would not do in a regular school background. Discuss the camp choices with your kids since kids tend to be thrilled if they know they had a say in the camps they attend.

Do they encourage parent involvement?

Many perfect camps encourage parents to get involved. Many parents will feel comfortable when they know that they are leaving their children in good and caring hands. Always inquire about the camp rules, disciplinary rules together with their emergency process and promptness.

Proximity and affordability of the camp

If you will have to pick your child every day, you will have to find a place that is relatively close to your home. On the other hand, affordability plays a major role while determining a good summer camp. Day camps for kids offer the most flexible cost. According to the American Camping Association, the average camps for kids in the U.S can cost anywhere between $199 up to $2000+ per week. However, this can vary with the age, added programs and services as well as the location.

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Choosing a camp with appropriate summer camp themes is crucial. Make sure to check the summer camp’s philosophy and their mission statement, this will help you determine the types of activities offered. The ideal camps for kids in Staten Island will focus on fostering a sense of community where everyone is included and accepted. Enroll your kids at Staten Island Day Camp today for a lifetime experience or contact us at 718.983.7942 and inquire about our summer camp pool.