The Camp Pool is Back at Staten Island Day Camp!

Staten Island Day Camp is excited to have our indoor camp pool back this year!

If your child knows how to swim at a young age,
this skill is forever with them. – Swimming World Magazine

Learning to swim is critical for water safety, but the whole-health benefits now – and later – can improve their overall physical and mental health. Did you know that swimming lessons for your children may enhance the longevity and quality of their lives when they are seniors? That’s a terrific legacy to pass on to your kids!

This year, your kids can enjoy an indoor summer camp pool that offers recreation and swimming lessons for ages 4-13.

The Staten Island Day Camp Pool in 2019

Staten Island Day Camp’s pool has been a premier attraction for our campers for many years. Swimming lessons are free for kids ages 4-13 years old. Lessons are divided by age groups and taught by certified swim instructors. There are always seven lifeguards on duty.

4 Reasons Why Swimming Lessons Are Important

Parents know kids just naturally love swimming. So, a day camp pool is a major plus for campers as the summer season approaches. Even during the summer, you can’t depend on our New York weather to be rain-free every day. That’s why Staten Island Day Camp offers a climate controlled, indoor camp pool. You will never miss a single day of swimming, fun, and skill-building.

Children Should Learn Water Safety Skills

Kids are fascinated by swimming pools, so they need to learn how to be confident and comfortable in swimming areas. We teach your child basic skills for around and in-the-water safety.

Special Needs Kids Can Enjoy Supervised Swimming in Our Camp Pool

You’re 90% buoyant when immersed in water, so the weight you carry on land is reduced. This lightened load means injured or disabled limbs can receive low-impact exercise. Swimming is also soothing and relaxing for people with stress-related disorders. It not only feels good but is great for your mind and body!

Swimming is a Terrific Workout

Swimming is one of the best cardio workouts because you are using all 4 muscle groups. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says just 2½ hours of swimming per week can relieve chronic pain, chronic illness, and improve mental health.

Swimming Lessons in Our Camp Pool Teach the Value of Teamwork

In a group swimming setting, kids learn to encourage each other to achieve more. Fearful children can see their peers are safe in the water. Games encourage positive interaction, low-level competition, and everyone wins with camp pool games and exercise.

The New York Day Camp Experience

Summer day camp is a wonderful resource for many of the life lessons your children need. They can develop social skills, learn how to work well with others in a team setting, and learn how to enjoy themselves in an unplugged environment! Our Staten Island Day Camp pool is enclosed in a 61,000 sq. ft. facility with an air-conditioned environment for maximum comfort.

Call 718.983.7942 for more information about our day camp pool program and other summer camp activities. We offer special discounts for active military, first responders, and CSI employees.