Summer Camp

Summer Camp for Children 4 to 6 Years Old

Staten Island Day Camp offers a wide variety of fun activities and educational programs for children between the ages of four and six years old. We believe in creating an exciting summer camp experience for preschoolers and children already attending school. Our camp is a unique and once in a lifetime experience!

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Why Choose Our Summer Camp for Preschoolers and School-Age Children?

Staten Island Day Camp allows junior campers the opportunity for fun and to experience a wide range of activities, such as sporting events and crafting activities. Each one of these programs is designed to help young campers develop social and development skills that will last a lifetime.

Our camp also has an indoor swimming pool where we offer free swimming lessons by age group. The pool has access to a raised platform, where children can easily stand in the water for added safety. Our swimming pool lessons and activities separate us from other summer programs in New York, as our pool is completely weather-proof.

We have Water Safety Instructors that are certified by the American Red Cross, as well as, 7 life guards.

Safety First

Safety is always a top priority at Staten Island Day Camp. All of our activities are hosted at the camp, so you will never have to worry about the location of your child. Our staff members are also highly trained in child care to ensure that your child is always safe. Many of our staff members have a background in education and child development, while also continually receiving safety training.

We understand the importance of teaching young children valuable social skills, while also developing their love for learning. It is our goal to enrich your child’s camping experience with innovative learning programs that will create lasting memories.

Staten Island Day Camp also understands the importance of always giving back to the community. We offer discounts for first responders, CSI employees, and active military members!

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