Ways to Keep in Touch with Camp Buddies

Keep in touch with camp buddies during the school year.

Back to a new school year after an adventure-packed summer! Lots of new experiences lie in wait for your children—a new grade, new acquaintances, new teachers, homework, and more. However, that doesn’t mean that the relationships formed at summer camp should be snuffed out. There are many ways to keep in touch with camp buddies to build lifelong friendships.

Camp friendships are school friendships times a thousand!

At camp, kids let loose by immersing in thrilling summer camp activities and making new friends. Your children will tell you that camp with their friends felt like their birthday, Christmas, and Halloween all wrapped into one. Wouldn’t you want to help them keep that happiness going? Seeing or talking to these friends again could be a source of great joy for your child.

‘Til summer comes around again, here is how to stay in touch:

Use technology to your advantage

With your help, your child can learn to use technology for good. Start by helping them stay in touch with their camp buddies through regular communication online or over the phone. Remember that without proper use, technology can discourage face-to-face communication.

Social media: Teach your child to use technology responsibly. Show them how to dedicate a little of their time communicating with their camp buddies online. It could be through messaging apps, video chat, or emails. This support should definitely be accompanied by lessons on cyberbullying and the ills of spending too much time online.

Monitor your child’s social media use and help them safely navigate a long-distance friendship. They can share camp memories, new ideas, art, and e-meet their buddies’ family and friends. Subsequently, this helps to sharpen their social skills as they learn the art of conversations.

Phone calls: Phone conversations can be ideal if you are too busy to supervise your child’s online interactions. After a hard day at school, your child needs a good laugh. Allow your child a ten-minute chat with their camp buddies at least every day to nurture the relationship.

Groom your child’s writing skills

Nothing feels better than getting a letter from camp buddies. But to get to that point, your child needs to be good at writing letters. Once in a while, help your child write a nice letter to their camp buddies. It helps them stay connected to their friends and can also improve their classwork.

You can also take that chance to sharpen your child’s friendship skills. For instance, if your child has trouble expressing their feelings, guide them through it. Children learn a great deal from adults, so remember to share your personal childhood stories as well.

Arrange regular meetups

Social media, letters, and phone calls can create superficial relationships if friends don’t meet often. Support your child by helping them meet on occasion. If they live far, drive your kids to their camp buddies’ birthdays and other celebrations. Also, schedule and encourage weekend fun activities and sleepovers.

Remember that childhood is tumultuous at times. When things aren’t going great with their school buddies, at least your children will know they have dependable camp buddies that they can meet on weekends.

Camp friends are best friends, sometimes for life. Children need that kind of camaraderie. It is good for their health, mental development, and emotional well-being. The friends they make splashing in a summer camp pool or building stone castles together could be strong pillars later in their lives.

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