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Limited Enrollment Available For Select Ages Weeks Six Thru Eight (Aug. 7 - Aug. 25)



SIDC Parents

Dear Parents, 
The SIDC Parents page is used as a means to  provide parents with required and optional forms.   You will find links above to obtain our Enrollment Form, Calendar of Camp Activities, required Camper Medical and Credit Card Payment Plan form and optional Lunch Menu.  
 Mike Halpern
 Owner/Executive Director
2017 Bus Information: Call 718.983.7942                            Lunch Menu
Fact & Information Sheet                                            July 1 Reminders         
Camp Tuition Payments:

We now accept Visa, Discover and Master Card credit cards.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT DEBIT CARDS!  In order for your child/children to be enrolled in camp, you must complete and submit our Enrollment Form above together with a $400.00 non refundable deposit per child.   All deposits are non refundable regardless of the date of the drop.  You can make your deposit with a check (up to June 15) or credit card.   Additional options regarding tuition payments will be forthcoming in designated e-mails to parents of enrolled campers.   Please be advised that we no longer accept American Express.

Credit Card Logos

We no longer accept AMEX

Credit Card Payment Plan:  We will once again be offering this method of paying your child's/children's camp tuition.  Parents starting payments in March will have up to five equal monthly payments through July 8.   We can only accept one card to satisfy the tuition (other than the deposit charge).  Additional cards being used will result in a $25.00 fee per card.   It is the responsibility of the card holder to use a viable card when using the card over the phone or when the date of the monthly payment comes due.  Any card that is denied will result in a $25.00 fee and subsequent payments shall be made by bank check or money order.  For questions concerning how are payment plan works, please contact us at 800.301.2267.   This year there will be a 3% transaction fee for every credit card payment.  
Click here to open and download our 2017 Credit Card Payment Plan Form.   

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Camper Medical:   The NYC Department of Health requires a  Medical Form. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and download the form.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please click here for a free download.  Please complete the entire Medical Form and have your Health Care Provider complete his/her component.  Please make certain that all applicable sections are complete.  Please mail the completed medical form to:

Staten Island Day Camp

P.O. Box 70159

Staten Island, NY  10307

A  completed medical form is required by the NY City Dept. of Health in order for your child to participate in the camp.  Medical forms are due by June 1.
Faxes and email attachments will not be accepted since forms submitted in this manner often are not legible or are sent in a file format that is not appropriate.  

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Optional Lunch Menu: Prices for the menu selections are established by the College of Staten Island's Dining Services.  Click here to open and print our 2016 menu. 
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2017 Camp Dates & Hours:
First day of camp July 3, 2017
Last day of camp: August 25, 2017
Regular camp day hours: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Optional free extended camp day  7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Summer Camp Office:

After Hours True Emeregencies:

718- 983-7942 from 7: 30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday starting July 5


Main Phone:     800.301.2267
Address: Staten Island Day Camp
P.O. Box 70159
Staten Island, Ny  10307 
Camp E-Mail: sidaycamp@aol.com
Bus Information:  718.983.7942
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General Information


First day of camp:  Tuesday, July 3  (Camp is closed on July 4)

Last day of camp:  Friday August 25


Regular camp day hours:      9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Optional extended camp day: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM


Summer Office Hours:  7:30 AM to 5:30 PM


Summer Camp Office:  718- 983-7942 from 7: 30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday starting July 5.  The camp office is located on the second floor in Bldg. 1R adjacent to the entrance to the Athletic Offices. 


Camper Medicals:  Camper medicals are due prior to the start of your child's camp stay. They are to be mailed NOT EMAILED or faxed and sent to our PO Box 70159, Staten Island, NY 10307.   Every effort should be made not to send in your child's medical forms on his/her first day of camp, especially if this is June 30. All administrative staff on June 30 will be assisting campers and counselors. Campers without medicals will not be able to participate in camp activities! 


Director's Cell Number For After Hour Emergencies Only:    732.672.2674    


Bus Calls: Families with campers who will begin camp during week one will be receiving a call from a representative of the bus company prior to the start of camp.  The camp has no control over the pick up or drops off times. They are determined by your place on the run. We cannot cater to one family and upset another 19 households on your bus.


Households who have children that begin camp after week one will be required to call the camp site 718- 983-7942 the Wednesday of the week prior to the start of camp to obtain their bus pick-up time.   Bus times are approximate, especially the first week or two of camp.  Parents should have their child or children ready ten minutes in advance. 

Bus absences and late calls should be done directly through the bus dispatcher at 718-448- 4006 as this will streamline communications.


Swim Program: Our on-site swim program begins on Monday July 10th and will be held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.   There is no swimming during week eight.  A  towel, bathing suit, dry change of clothes and a sturdy bag to put wet items in is required on these days.   All campers will be tested by our Water Safety Instructors (WSI) to determine their level of efficiency and if a floatation device is required.  Swim caps are required for any camper with hair length longer than their ears. This is a requirement of the NYC Board of Health.  There is no need for swim aides or water shoes.   Please label all apparel!


Early Release:  Early sign out from camp should be done by 3:15.   NO CAMPERS WILL BE RELEASED BETWEEN 3:30 AND 4:00 WHEN DISMISSAL PROCEEDURES ARE BEING PERFORMED.  This is for safety reasons. The person signing out shall present a photo ID and they must also be listed on the Camper Release Form.

PM pickup is done at our side entrance facing the Tennis Bubble and begins at 4:00 PM after our busses depart. This is done in an orderly manner by your place in line. We will bring your child to you on the line, you might be in a hurry but we take our time to insure your child's safety.


Medication:  Medication sent to camp needs to be clearly labeled and in the original prescription container.  This is for your child's safety.   We will keep camper medications in a locked cabinet but due to insurance restrictions we cannot administer medication to a camper; we can only assist. With respect to sunscreen, even though it is on over the counter product, the same restriction applies as with prescription drugs...we can only assist and instruct.


Camp Attire: Proper camp attire includes sneakers, t shirt and shorts. The building is often chilly so you might want to consider a light sweater or sweat shirt. Sandals and flip flops can lead to injuries and are not recommended. Please no water bottles as they are left around and water spills can cause a slippery surface and potential injuries.


Camper Shirts:   If you were unable to come to the June 3 Parent Orientation your child/chidren will receive their shirts on the first day or two of their camp stay.


General Communications:  You may email to sidaycamp@aol.com or call at 800. 301.2267.


Camp Telephone & Office:  Summer Camp telephone located on the camp site is 718.983.7942 will be activated as of July 5. The SIDC Office is staffed 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.  The camp office is located in room 204 in building 1R at the College of Staten Island.


Electronic Devices/Games:  There is a zero tolerance for the usage of cell phones and all other electronic devices.  Furthermore the camp is not responsible for these items getting lost, damaged or stolen.  No electronic equipment of any kind is allowed out during the camp day. This is for the protection of the camper's anonymity and the replacement cost of these items.   Visible Electronic equipment will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.   

Lunch:  Lunch is to be sent in a small bag where it will be sent to food service and refrigerated. Our optional lunch menu will be on our web site in June under SIDC Parent. The cost is set by the college. Money needed for lunch and snacks can be determined from looking at the menu. We cannot warm up food.

Extended Hours: We would appreciate you letting us know if you plan to take advantage of our PM extended hours. This would allow us to properly prepare with activities and enough staff for proper supervision.

Tuition Balance: Parents who still have a large tuition balance must make an in person payment on June 9, June 10 or  June 23 from 4:30PM to 7:00PM in the Main Gym at the College of Staten Island. If you are a late registration and still only on a deposit your child's camp stay will be terminated. You can also bring your Camper Medical on that date.

There are no longer credit card payments unless you are already on a payment plan. The last credit card payment will be charged July 1. If you have a problem with this date then you are obligated to pay by: Bank Check, Money Order or Cash.

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